I'm a Projector! I'm a Projector!

Out of the countless ways to "know thyself" in the whirled of psychotherapy and mental blah blah blah -- The Human Design System has (in my not so humble opinion) been the most accurate I've (marginally) studied. When the time and the resources present, I will delve into deeper exploration of this particular analysis. For now, I must rely upon my own brilliance and research capabilities to analyze yours truly here. I recommend that you go have a look see -- because when you call me? I'll probably be sure to have you do this anyway. I'm keeping notes.

Here we go ...

"If you are a Projector (22 % of population), you are not here to work. You are here to know others, to recognize and guide them. But that can only happen if you yourself are 1) recognized and 2) formally invited to do so.

Your strategy is to wait for formal invitation in the important areas of your life (your relationships, work etc.) If your authority says yes, then you can really share your gifts and guidance. To be invited means that you are seen and recognized for your values. When you don't wait for an invitation, you meet resistance.

Through your open centers (usually many), you take in others deeply. You take in other people's definition and you can clearly see who they are. You focus on the very core of their being. Your intensity can be uncomfortable for some. If you try to guide others without being invited to do so, you meet resistance, or feel that no one really sees you, no one recognizes you. Out of that comes a deep feeling of bitterness, often mixed with exhaustion.

Projectors fear that they will not be invited. But if you follow your strategy of waiting for the invitation, what happens is that your aura's frequency starts to change and the more you live according to your design, the more invitations (and the right ones) you get. Once you get invited, you don't need to wait for any more invitations regarding whatever you were invited to (project, job, relationship etc.) Just follow your authority in doing what you do. The invitation, correct entry into anything of importance for you, is the key. And since a real invitation doesn't happen every day, your strategy is to be applied in making the important decisions of your life.

Projectors are the students of humanity, system analytics and system masters. You need to have a system through which you can relate and understand life. Projectors often have the need to study Human Design deeply in order to gain the intellectual understanding of how they are to operate correctly.Your openness can be energetically exhausting, so it is important to have your own space where you can relax. The same advice regarding sleeping applies to you as to everyone else with an undefined Sacral: go to bed as soon as you begin to feel tired and if at all possible, sleep alone (see Manifestors for details).

Strategy: Wait for a formal invitation

Predominant negative feeling: Bitterness

Famous Projectors: Queen Elisabeth II, Mick Jagger, Joseph Stalin, Ringo Starr, Osho, Napoleon, Woody Allen, Salvador Dali, Elizabeth Taylor, Fidel Castro, James Joyce, Barbra Streisand, Ulysses S. Grant, Douglas MacArthur, Demi Moore, Princess Diana, Tony Blair, Ramana Maharshi, George Gurdjieff"

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